Tuscan Dreams Candle Tin

Tuscan Dreams Candle Tin

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This hand poured, vegetable-based candle will gently fragrance your home with our luxury Tuscan Dreams fragrance.

Lavender is known for its ability to reduce anxiety and stress, aiding in falling asleep and allowing you to get a better nights’ sleep. Often called the ‘Super-Herb’ as it contains Monoterpenes. Lavender is thought to ease you more gently into ‘slow-wave sleep’, when your heart rate slows and your muscles really relax, giving you a better quality, restorative sleep and increasing the health benefits you get out of your slumber!

Chamomile is tried and tested in the world of sleep! Containing a natural chemical called Apigenin, it is known to induce sleepiness, a sense of calm and reduce anxiety! With this pair on your side, you cant go wrong.

Burns for approximately 35 hours.

Di Palomo was initially created in 2003. Since the very first inception, quality, style and attention to detail have been combined to create a truly indulgent collection. Exquisite packaging and fine fragrances will carry you away to the warmth and relaxation of an Italian summer… from a Tuscan farmhouse high in the hills among the early morning invigorating mist, to an evening stroll through the orange groves or a vineyard, heavy with ripened grapes, overlooking an Italian lake as the sun dissolves behind the silhouetted landscape.

All designed in the UK and made using the finest quality ingredients, if you can’t be in Tuscany right now, Di Palomo is the next best thing.