Jewellery Wipes

Jewellery Wipes

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Connoisseur's jewellery wipes are fantastic!

Safe to use on all metals including silver, gold, white gold, platinum, palladium, titanium and costume jewellery.

Each box contains approxiately 25 wipes and each wipe can be used twice. On the basis that you should clean your jewellery once a week, this covers you for nearly a year!

The joy with this product is that the polish is impregnated into the wipes. You may have used polishing clothes before, but these are often large and cumbersome. More importantly, it is easy to over use them which means you keep polishing jewellery with them even though there is no polish left on the cloth. They also trap dirt which you are then rubbing on other jewellery, potentially scratching it making it more dull rather than shiny!

Having worked in the jewellery industry for 15 years, I highly recommend these and use them on my own jewellery.