I AM THANKFUL' - Affirmation Bangle - (Silver)

I AM THANKFUL' - Affirmation Bangle - (Silver)

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The I AM Range

The I AM Range is a collection of jewellery that each feature a short powerful statement intended to positively change the way people feel about themselves.

The idea was sparked after the Co-founders of Soul Analyse had spent years sticking I AM affirmations around their home on post-it notes. It made sense to put these on jewellery that could be worn everywhere; providing constant reminders.


What Is an Affirmation?

An affirmation is a statement that can be repeated to cause a positive change in one's mental attitude.

We already use them every day but perhaps not in a meaningful way.

The words and feelings we aim towards ourselves really shape our self-image. If we regularly put ourselves down and use phrases such as, 'not good enough', 'stupid' or 'ugly' we begin to believe these ideas and they become part of our belief system.

Positive affirmations are a powerful tool for reversing those negative ideas.

It's important that affirmations are said with repetition until they become deeply ingrained.


Soul Analyse jewellery has been featured in Forbes, Elle, BBC Radio, Grazia and more.


Made from stainless steel, Soul Analyse jewellery is tarnish-resistant, keep its shine and is strong and durable, designed for everyday, long-term wear. Rose gold pieces are 14k rose gold plated.